“I’ve been going here for repairs and ring sizings for years now and have never had a bad experience. They are also much less expensive than other jewelry stores in town, plus everything is done right there in the store and not sent out!”

-Shelley B.

“I found Brothers Jewelry through a google search and after reading their reviews, I decided to contact them about creating a wedding band. The process was initially intimidating because 1.) I’ve never had custom jewelry done before, 2.) it seems like an expensive endeavor, and 3.) I did not know if they really took on small projects like a simple wedding band. I didn’t want to waste their time or mine!

The initial consultation was fast and I was left a little hesitant only because Scott seemed like he was very busy and there wasn’t any formal explanation of the process or any sketches done (things I guess I’ve heard are possibly conducted in the initial appointment?). I gave him pictures of what I wanted and he basically said, yup, I can do that. He was professional and gave a very reasonable price quote. Let me be clear and say that my intimidation and hesitation were self-induced and was just resultant of me being new to the whole process! I’m just trying to give a helpful, honest account of my experience for those who, like me, have no idea what to expect going into this sort of thing.

Fast forward to the finish date, and Scott did an absolutely beautiful job on my wedding band and it is exactly what I wanted and had pictured in my mind. They finished on time and there was no surprises in the final cost either. I will definitely consider them again for any future custom projects. They are professionals and very good at what they do!”

-Christine L.


“Greatest place for jewelry and service! Been in several times and me and my wife are always so impressed with their service and prices! I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the Tri-Cities.”

-K. Christensen


“I had a ring of my mom’s that had a beautiful stone, but not a very nice setting. When my mom passed away, I knew I wanted to have the stone re-set into something I could wear. I finally took the ring to Brother’s Jewelers and Scott was awesome in helping me decide on a new style. The stone was not a standard cut and Scott’s expertise was invaluable in helping me decide on a setting that would accentuate the stone and fit my personal style. I picked up the ring today and I was just amazed! It was actually perfect. The workmanship and attention to detail was more than worth the price. This was such a special piece for me and I’m glad I trusted the work to Brother’s Jewelers.”

-Donna H.

“They do fantastic work – I highly recommend!!!”

Cathy P. 

“Scott was awesome to work with! He was patient with us and was willing to modify the custom design several times to match our vision. The end result was spectacular! He even got it completed ahead of schedule so that we had one less thing to worry about before the wedding! I highly recommend them and look forward to doing business with them again in the future!”

-Mia B.


“I have used them several times. I have never been disappointed. They are reasonably priced, have provided professional service, excellent workmanship and timely repair. Since I am not locaI, every repair has been mailed to me. I would trust them with any job!! I highly recommend them!”

-Island G.


“I can’t say enough about Brothers Jewelers! The associates are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I brought in my wedding rings to have my mother’s diamond placed into my engagement ring. It looks like a new set!  Rather than just switch out the stones, they took the entire crown from one ring and set it onto my ring. They did an awesome job! The best part is they do it right on site. They don’t send it across country like the jewelry stores at the mall do.
If you need to have work done on your jewelry Brothers is the place to go!!!”

-Bev Sykes Dittenhauser


“What a fantastic place! I brought in a ring that I had purchased elsewhere and they were incredibly friendly and attentive. I had gone to their shop based on a glowing recommendation from another past customer; I certainly hope this review informs someone else’s decision about the best jeweler to visit!”

-Cory Elowe


“These guys are the best. Their craftsmanship is at the top tier. They also know what it means to actually provide outstanding customer service. You would be hard pressed to find a better jeweler anywhere.”

-William Gelenaw


“Been here twice and they are very professional and I like the fact that they do everything in house.”

-Amy D.